Thursday, September 13, 2007

Passionate About Java

This article in Wednesday's NY Times details just how far coffee importers will go to find the best, most exotic grades of coffee.

A man who heads a coffee importer-roaster in Acton, Mass., tells the NYT: “We’re finding flavors we’ve never ever tasted before, different fruit and floral flavors from really pristine, clean coffees. These are flavors that have been lost or diluted in the old methods of blending coffee down to an average product.”

An average product. In other words, what you'd get if you went searching for a cup of java at a Denny's restaurant.

As far as coffee goes, I'm a French press guy. I would like to buy fair-trade coffee, but it seems hard to find any that has been ground for a French press. The only grinder I own doesn't do a very good job producing a medium grind.

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