Monday, December 10, 2007

A Glass of Wine in an Unlikely Place

After enduring a long flight delay on Sunday, missing my connection and then having my gate changed to a different terminal at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, I happened to notice a wine bar in the D-Gates terminal called La Bodega Winery.

As it turns out, La Bodega is a Texas winery and much of the wines served at the wine bar are also produced in Texas. The wine bar at DFW also offers wines from California, New Zealand, Argentina and South Africa. Wines are sold by "the taste" (roughly 4 ounces), by the glass (6 ounces) and by the bottle.

I drank a red zin produced by California's Hullabaloo. It wasn't dazzling, but it was pleasant enough to serve as a welcome diversion from the evening's hassles. Other than La Bodega, DFW Airport is basically a food wasteland -- much like O'Hare.

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