Tuesday, May 27, 2008

New Haven-Style Pizza . . . Yum

In our household, both of us are pizza lovers. And pizza snobs. Once you have tasted good pizza, it's almost impossible to eat Domino's, Pizza Hut and other mass-produced, cardboard-crust tasting pizzas.

I bring all of this up because we have heard raves about Pete's Apizza, a recently opened New Haven-style pizzeria in Washington, D.C.'s Columbia Heights area. The words "New Haven" stand out for anyone who has ever eaten pizza in that Connecticut city.

Wikipedia even has an entry for Apizza, the term that some New Haven pizzerias use. If you're wondering what distinguishes apizza from standard pizza, click here. I have listened to people who spent time in New Haven vigorously debate which pizzeria is the true temple of apizza in New Haven — Frank Pepe's or Sally's Apizza. Frank Sinatra reportedly would send his driver from New York City to make the 2-hour drive to pick up freshly baked pizza from Sally's. Frank Pepe won't even ship pizza to its fans outside of New Haven because, as it explains on its website:
We don't think a shipped pizza would be anything like the original.
Washington, D.C. used to be a disappointing city for pizza lovers. Then along came Pizzeria Paradiso, with locations in Dupont Circle and Georgetown. Paradiso was immediately a huge hit with locals. Unfortunately, the Dupont location is smaller than many Starbucks so prepare yourself for a wait at peak times.

Recent years have brought 2 Amys (Upper N.W.) and Matchbox (Chinatown area). Both are good, and (unfortunately) both have interminably long waits for most of the evening — even for parties of two.

So, needless to say, my spouse and I are looking forward to trying Pete's Apizza soon.

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