Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Eleven Madison Park: Even Better

One of my favorite New York City restaurants is Eleven Madison Park. I have dined there several times, and each experience has been fantastic.

The last time I went there to dine, I was almost slightly nervous. Why? To borrow a title from Frost, "nothing gold can stay." In other words, I've learned from experience that most of my favorite bars, restaurants, hotels, etc., eventually lose the qualities that made me initially love them. It seems inevitable.

So I was sort of wondering last year if Eleven Madison Park would impress me less than it had before. It didn't disappoint me one point.

I am left feeling hopeful about future trips to Eleven Madison Park after reading this review by Frank Bruni in today's N.Y. Times -- the newspaper has raised Eleven Madison Park's rating to 4 stars. Clearly, the restaurant is firing on all cylinders.

Not only is the food wonderful, the bar is ably tended, and the ambience is a tour de force.

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