Friday, April 18, 2008

Medium Rare and Unbranded, Please

The Skymall catalog that is available on airlines has some pretty wacky, who-would-ever-use-this kind of stuff in it. But this one takes the cake:
Personalize Your Barbecue!
A great steak is a work of art and now you can sign your work! Create a personalized iron to brand your steaks, chicken and burgers and show your guests the pride you take in being a great chef!
More accurately, show your guests that you've got an ego 10 times larger than the flank steak you just threw on the grill.

The Barbecue Branding Iron costs $79.95. If you want the Branding Iron to arrive in the lovely cedar gift box, however, the cost climbs to $89.95.

Oh, and they also report that "brand new NASCAR drivers and college team logo irons are now available!"

Yipee. I can hardly want to dazzle my guests.

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