Monday, July 7, 2008

Barack Obama, But Hold the Fries

The Democratic National Convention in Denver this August is supposed to be a source of unity, not heartburn. But Sunday's N.Y. Times reports that DNC organizers are facing "costly setbacks and embarrassing delays."

And, believe it or not, one of the main trouble spots happens to be food.

According to the N.Y. Times:

A 28-page contract requested by Denver organizers (requires) that caterers provide food in “at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple and white.” Garnishes could not be counted toward the colors. No fried foods would be allowed. Organic and locally grown foods were mandated, and each plate had to be 50 percent fruits and vegetables.

. . . caterers, expected to feed the 40,000 people coming to town, are throwing up their hands over the food requirements.

“Everything that the Democrats did got off to a late start,” said Peggy Beck, a co-owner of Three Tomatoes Catering. “It was such an ordeal. We’ve jumped through hoops and hoops to bid on their stuff, and we had to have certain color food so the plates would be colorful . . . This was some of the silliest stuff ever,” she added.

Nick Agro, head of Whirled Peas Catering, questioned whether the requirement for local organic food could meet cost constraints.

“These were fantastic ideas, but I question who is willing to pay for these extra costs,” Mr. Agro said.

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