Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Thanks, Elizabeth

Does the name of Elizabeth Raffald mean anything to you?

Probably not. But, the next time you enjoy a scoop of Rocky Road or Cherries Garcia, you owe dear Elizabeth a debt of gratitude for helping to popularize ice cream. She wrote what is one of the oldest surviving English cookbooks (1769), entitled The Experienced English House-keeper.

Among the hundreds of recipes that Raffald included was this recipe for apricot ice cream. Raffald wisely cautioned her readers that "if it be Summer, you must not turn it out 'till the Moment you want it" -- lest it melt all too quickly.

I've never eaten apricot ice cream. But homemade peach ice cream is to-die-for, and I'm willing to bet that homemade apricot ice cream would be damn good too.

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