Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Food Encounters in Vienna

The images above are from my recent trip to Vienna:

1) I ordered fried pike for lunch one day. It was lovely and flaky. Pike is also served grilled by many Vienna restaurants.

2) This is a traditional Wiener Schnitzel. Although Wiener Schnitzel is typically veal, it can sometimes be pork. A filet of either meat is pounded very thin and then lightly breaded. The best schitzel I had in Vienna was served to me at Figlmüller, a restaurant in the center of town that has been open since 1905. Their schnitzels extend beyond the rim of their dinner plates. Be sure to order the cold potato salad as an accompaniment.

3) Apfelstrudel is the sweet conclusion to a Viennese lunch or dinner. It is served "mit schlag" (with cream), as are virtually all desserts in Austria. Although apple is the typical filling for a strudel, there are other types of strudel. The most common alternative is usually called topfen -- a creamy, white cheese filling. In the Grinzing district, I even had a cherry strudel, which was fantastic.

4) This is a pastry roll purchased at a cafe in Grinzing that was filled with a marvelous orange marmalade. If every jelly-filled doughnut in the U.S. tasted this delicious, I'd eat a lot more of them.
5) Crowd take a break from shopping at one of various stalls in the Gärtnerstrasse during the Christmas holidays that sell Glühwein, a mulled wine served warm, and hot rum punches. Punch flavors range from apfel to marillen (apricot).

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