Friday, June 4, 2010

Meet Mrs. Celebrity-Chef

A frustrated woman seeks advice from relationship columnist Carolyn Hax:
Dear Carolyn,

Husband is a local celebrity chef, who quickly gained notoriety during our first few years of marriage. This created some conflict with "food groupies" and my husband's inability to lay down boundaries when they hug, kiss or hit on him at local events.

I am accused of being jealous and insecure when I mention that it makes me uncomfortable. Duh. ... How does one act at [social or public] events, especially when women elbow me out of the way to get to my husband?
Ah, the hazards of living with a celebrity chef. I wasn't all that impressed with Carolyn's response. It would have been far more entertaining if Carolyn had closed her response with a phrase like this: "And, honey, if all else fails, you may solve your problem by turning to your hubby's knife block."