Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Ray's Hell Burger Blowback

On Tuesday, President Obama and Vice President Biden stepped into a limousine and were driven across the Potomac River to Arlington, Va. Their lunchtime destination? Ray's Hell Burger (shown above), a hamburger joint that has achieved a sort of cult following among locals.

So it's a cute little news blip and nothing more, right? Wrong. Even though both men waited their turn in line, and neither one of them said or did anything remotely offensive, a small handful of people with empty lives are whining about the Obama-Biden lunch.

According to Washington Post's The Sleuth:

Freedom-fry loving conservatives are venting over the president's choice of Dijon mustard, while foodies of all political stripes are mortified by the omnivore-in-chief's preference to have his burger cooked -- gasp! -- medium well.

Hey, if you've seen what passes as "medium" in many hamburger-serving eateries, you might order it medium-well too. The Sleuth continues:

Taking the lead for the right, Sean Hannity railed against the cheeseburger blasphemy on his Fox News show last night, rallying his many incensed followers to accuse MSNBC, and Andrea Mitchell in particular, of waging a "cover-up" of Obama's Dijon mustard eating ways during the cable network's coverage of the burger outing.

Pundits, get over yourselves. The Obama-Biden lunch is proof that there is no subject or event on the planet that can't be seized for partisan political purposes. Not even a frickin' hamburger lunch.

For one blogger's review of Ray's Hell Burger, click right here.

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