Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Cooking to Contain my Cabin Fever

My hometown, Washington, D.C., has been walloped by a snowstorm of 25 inches, and now we're expecting anywhere from 8 to 16 additional inches of snow by tomorrow.

When Washingtonians hear forecasts like that, they panic, rushing to the grocery store and leaving the shelves practically empty. Which is why I'm glad I did my shopping early. Cooking has helped me endure the cabin fever that occurs when one is essentially locked indoors for several consecutive days.

So far, here is what I've cooked:
  • Sour cream and maple muffins

  • Duck risotto with dates

  • A pot of chicken noodle soup

  • Apple-cherry pie

  • A pot of beef barley soup
Given that we're facing a new snowstorm this evening (that will shut down the city), I guess I should check my recipe files to see what else looks interesting enough to cook. Hmmmm.

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