Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Cream

A recipe for snow cream in the Washington Post generally would pass unnoticed in this area of the country, but the current "snowmaggeddon" we're experiencing makes this recipe surprisingly relevant. According to the Post:

Making snow cream couldn't be simpler: Mix together freshly fallen snow; milk, cream, or condensed milk; sugar; and vanilla. (Some recipes call for the addition of whole raw eggs, making the snow cream custardy.)

... John Groopman, professor of environmental health sciences at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, frowns on eating snow because of what the snow might pick up on the ground. "You would not drink from a water puddle on the sidewalk, so why would you want to eat snow from the same source?" Groopman asks. ... some snow cream devotees contend that the snow gets cleaner the longer it snows. Experts say there could be some truth to that idea.

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