Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Trend in Wine Drinking

Wine consumption is on the rise in America -- in 2007, an estimated 304 million cases of wine were sold. That's the largest number in U.S. history. But, these days, the wines we are drinking are more economically priced. According to a Miami Herald article:

As the South Beach Wine & Food Festival opens its four-day run Thursday, those who make, distribute and sell wine are scrambling to keep us sipping in a bad economy, and we who imbibe are benefiting from their trouble.

. . . Supermarkets are running specials, cutting $15 wines to $10 and $10 wines to $5. Wine shops are bringing in less expensive labels from new areas. Smart sommeliers are offering cheaper choices in the face of declining restaurant wine sales.

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Anonymous said...

Finally a good trend in these bleak economic times. I'm finding plenty of values on wine from all over the world in both wine shops and supermarkets in the 12 and under range.