Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dinner With Douglas

They left without trying the marvelous apple tart

We've been to the Georgetown restaurant La Chaumiere many times over the years. But last night's meal was noteworthy for two reasons.

1. I've never dined at a restaurant while Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones were eating only 15 feet away from me.

Douglas and Zeta-Jones strolled in around 9:45 p.m., and they ordered only a single course. They drank white wine with their food. Both of them seemed reasonably cheerful, exchanging pleasantries with their waiter.

Okay, now for a few silly, gossip-column notes. (No, that photo above wasn't taken last night — this blogger is not a paparazzo.) Last night, Zeta-Jones looked far better than she does in this photo. She was lovely, dressed in black from head to toe, wearing a stylish jacket with slacks and high-heels. Douglas? Well, he looked slightly tuckered. Of course, those coast-to-coast airline flights can take their toll.

2. The house-made apple tart with caramel sauce was extraordinary. (It's one of those desserts that has to be pre-ordered because they make it from scratch.) The pastry dough was amazing, as were the apples — but the caramel sauce was really superb.

It reminded me of the burnt caramel sauce that is made by Recchiuti, a gourmet confectioner that's based in San Fran. That sauce was heavenly when I first tasted it, and the caramel sauce that was served last night with the apple tart was equally scrumptious.

If you happen to dine at La Chaumiere, you have to order the quenelles as either a starter or main course. They are wonderful and rarely found on a restaurant menu.

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