Monday, March 16, 2009

Review: Ceiba

It had been several months since I'd last dined at Ceiba (pronounced say-buh), a Latin-Brazilian restaurant. So consider this more of a "check-in" than a full-fledged review.

I had an excellent meal at Ceiba on Friday evening, just as I have each time I've been there.

Ceiba prepares homemade guacamole that is very good, and they also have a nice selection of various ceviches to have as starters.

My main course was the pork shank, which was excellent. But it was a tough decision to make because there were several entrees that were tempting. Click right here for links to the restaurant's menus and wine list.

The wine list has a broad price range, and there is a nice diversity to it -- Tempranillo from Spain, Pinot Noir from Argentina, CabSav and Red Zin from California, Pinot Gris from Oregon, etc.

Save room for dessert.

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