Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Dark Chocolate Tease

Through the years, Consumer Reports magazine has reviewed just about everything that Americans buy -- from automobiles to kitchen appliances. So why not add dark chocolates to the list of CR's reviewable subjects?

CR's panel of experts recently tasted and rated a 14 different brands of dark chocolate bars. Are you ready to be shocked? According to CR's website:

The champion has a big chocolate flavor with a smooth melt, and the nibs add an interesting crunch. It costs just 68 cents an ounce ($2.39 per bar) and bested some bars that cost nearly twice as much.

Two other very good bars were also relatively inexpensive: another, which has a complex flavor, is moderately bitter and has a distinct snap when bitten, and another, a tasty bar with no obvious flaws.

So which brands of dark chocolate were rated highest? I wish I could end the suspense, but I can't. If you want the actual ratings, you'll need to click through and subscribe to CR. Talk about teasing your audience. By the way, CR adds this cautionary note to chocolate consumers:

. . . get 'em while they're good. A chocolate industry trade group has petitioned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to allow manufacturers to replace cocoa butter with cheaper fats and still call the result "chocolate."

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