Friday, December 18, 2009

Does anyone eat fruitcake anymore?

Just when I was beginning to think not, I noticed this newspaper headline during my web-surfing yesterday: Fruitcake makes a comeback. Huh? Where is fruitcake making a comeback?

It always looks nasty to me, especially the candied fruit. I like candy; I like fruit. So what's with candied fruit? Cake is supposed to be moist, but fruitcake is not moist. It could double as a paper-weight.

Christmas is one of those seasons when fruitcakes suddenly pop out of nowhere. Everyone seems to have an aunt who decides it's her obligation to keep the rest of the clan well stocked with fruitcake. There's even an Oregon congressman who takes it upon himself to bake hundreds of fruitcakes, giving them to colleagues and staffers. Yuck.

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