Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Man And His Marmalade

In the November issue of Esquire magazine, Guy Ritchie, the ex-husband of Madonna, waxed on about one of his favorite foods. Actually, "condiment" is a more accurate term.

So what is it about marmalade that has won Ritchie's intense devotion?

It's bitter and sweet, right? What you got here is contraction and expansion. Absolute and relative. Don't get me jam! No f**king jam. See, I don't like raspberry jam because it's too tart. I do like strawberry jam, but it's a bit too sweet . . .

What I like is a nice thin-cut marmalade. With a bit of rinds, 'cause I like a bit of bitter. I've had every f**king marmalade known to man and I like a thin-cut marmalade.

. . . Now, the marmalade at Richoux, that's an accessible marmalade.

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