Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Urban Poultry Farmers

This is either kinda cool or very weird; I can't decide which. L.E. Leone of writes:

There's been a lot of ink spilled lately (in the New York Times, among other publications) on city chickens and the urban farming movement. Yes, movement.

... They are hip, young, smart, liberal-arts-college graduates, green in many senses of the word, wearing stiff new overalls and chewing on only organic, free-range, locally grown straw, racing outside to move their tractors for street-sweeping. They are locavores, homesteaders, part of a revolution.

They are saving the environment, making a statement. And if they eat their own, they tend to see the killing as an unpleasant downside — a tradeoff for the clear conscience that comes with cage-free, hormone-free, factory-free gumbo.

... At sites like, you can learn about coop construction, hatching eggs, feeding, protecting, and diagnosing chickens.

... Even in cities, chickens have predators. On 29th Street in San Francisco, hungry, street-smart raccoons used to line up on my roof, staring at the hens I kept under my deck, waiting for me to slip one night and leave their door open.

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