Thursday, June 19, 2008

When Eating Is Your Job

The life of a food critic may seem quite cushy. But food writers for newspapers and magazines often struggle to keep weight off. According to this Newsweek article:

... for some food critics, their eyes aren't the only thing that gets wide when they contemplate yet another feast.

Karen Fernau, a food writer for The Arizona Republic, said when she first started her job she began to gain weight. "I always looked forward to lunch before this job, then all of a sudden lunch was all day every day. Eventually I realized that if I continued to carry on eating for work and then eating outside of work, too, I wasn't going to fit in my cubicle," she says.

Nine years later, keeping her weight steady and her health intact is a daily battle.

... "As a food critic or writer you will eat more calories in one sitting than most people eat in an entire day," she says.

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