Friday, October 17, 2008

Cutting-Edge Cabs, Slap the Puck . . .

The Nov. 15 issue of Wine Spectator just arrived. It has some interesting articles. Among the highlights:

* A cover story called "The Cabernet Report" that rates hundreds of wines. The twist to this article and CabSav ratings is that Napa is no longer seen as the sole California locale for excellent CabSav. Both Sonoma and the Paso Robles region are considered rising stars for CabSav production.

* A total "puff piece" on celeb-chef Wolfgang Puck and how much time he devotes to charity events. Considering all of the money Puck makes by selling his name to such ventures like the lousy cafe-cum-snackbar at O'Hare, he should be giving loads of it away.

* The French government is going to increase the size of its Champagne appellation by more 10%, allowing 40 villages to grow grapes with this designation.

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