Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Trillin's Tour of Tastes

Calvin Trillin is an excellent writer, and food is a frequent topic of his articles.

I would have liked to have been one of the 35 lucky people who were able to snag tickets to Trillin's recent "gastronomic walking excursion."

According to the N.Y. Times:

The tour stems from the Sunday strolls he would take with his wife, Alice, and their two daughters. Starting from their home in Greenwich Village and ending in Chinatown, they would stop to sample some of the city’s best ethnic dishes at various Old World and hole-in-the-wall establishments. “They come and they go, these places,” Mr. Trillin said.

After an initial taste of sopressata, the group rounded the corner of Sullivan and Houston Streets and bags of cellophane-wrapped sandwiches from a Chinatown restaurant were handed out by tour assistants.

. . . As the group continued down Sullivan Street toward the Grandaisy Bakery for a few bites of potato pizza, Mr. Trillin said he never had an interest in reviewing restaurants. Writing about eating, he said, was a way to report on the country in a richer, more humorous fashion.

“I’m not interested in finding the best chili restaurant in Cincinnati,” he said. “I’m interested in Cincinnatians fighting about who has the best chili.”

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