Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Man Behind Pitango Gelato

I've written a few posts about Pitango, the all-organic gelateria chain -- one location is on P Street, N.W., just east of 15th Street. Their gelati are wonderful, and they also serve excellent sorbets.

In today's Washington Post, there is an article profiling Noah Dan, the founder of Pitango:

The 54-year-old founder of Pitango Gelato is something of a milk connoisseur. In 2006, the Potomac resident spent nearly three weeks on a tour that took him from southern Virginia to New Jersey in search of the freshest, liveliest-tasting milk, which he says is the essential foundation of good gelato. He found it in Lancaster County at the farm of Mennonites Roman and Lucy Stoltzfoos.

Dan takes the same earnest approach to every ingredient that goes into his dozens of flavors. The organic milk and cream come from grass-fed cows. The fruits for sorbets are local and organic when possible. And Dan shuns stabilizers or preservatives, which are common even in some premium ice creams.

"It's a dirty little secret that if something is cold enough and sweet enough, people will eat it," Dan said. "The idea was to make a gelato that was good enough for me."

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