Friday, June 19, 2009

McCutcheon's: This Is Good Stuff

There is a small, family-owned business whose horn I need to toot. It's a company called McCutcheon's and they make some wonderful jams, preserves, apple butter, relishes and other products.

What I especially like about McCutcheon's is that they make a lot of unusual jams that other companies don't make.

For example, McCutcheon's produces black raspberry preserves, which are great. And they make a raspberry-lemon marmalade that is out of this world. It made sound strange, but oh my God, is that good stuff. Just the right mix between tart and sweet. Wipe that on some toast or a biscuit, and you're in heaven.

Because McCutcheon's is based in Frederick, Md., I'm not sure if their products find their way to stores beyond the mid-Atlantic. But you can order them off the web through their website.

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