Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Everything Clicked . . .

. . . at last night's dinner. Each course. And the wine. I had a lovely wine with dinner last night at Notti Bianchi, a restaurant in D.C.'s Foggy Bottom area. It was a white wine called vermentino, and it went marvelously with my seafood risotto.

This was only the second time I've drunk a glass of vermentino, and the wine made as good an impression as it did the first time.

The bouquet was subtle and less floral than, say, a sauvignon blanc. It was clean and slightly crisp to drink. Here's a little more info on vermentino. By the way, the British wine journalist Jamie Goode seems to be quite fond of vermentino too.


Ribbie said...

Ever tried Pillar Box Red - an Aussie wine - mix of Cab, Shiraz and a dash of Malbec? It does not come in a box, but does have a twist off cap. Better than Boone's Farm - appeciable so I assure you, Pillar Box Red is a steal at $10 US.

- Delgado Savrono

Food Dude said...

I agree -- Pillar Box Red is a good deal. An even better deal is Centine, a red Sangiovese wine that is made by Banfi. It's Banfi's entry-level wine (in terms of price), and it is a total steal at the $9 or $10 that it is usually priced at. It reminds you that good wine doesn't (and shouldn't) require someone to cash in a stack of T-bills.