Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Quick History of Brownies

The September issue of Saveur magazine has an article on the history of brownies. The article is accompanied by some brownie recipes, including this one for Boston Cooking School Brownies.

Some excerpts from the article written by Dana Bowen:

The earliest printed recipe for brownies dates to 1896, when the first edition of Fannie Farmer's seminal Boston Cooking-School Cookbook was published. The recipe in that book yielded a dessert that didn't look or taste at all like today's brownies . . .

By the time the Betty Crocker company introduced its first brownie mix in 1954, Joy of Cooking contained four very different brownie recipes. Though I gave up on store-bought mixes when I realized I could make better brownies just as effortlessly from scratch, I confess that some of my earliest lessons were gleaned from the back of a box: add an extra egg for cakier brownies; use less fat for fudgier ones.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I once tried to make brownies even more like cake by adding 2 eggs (instead of just 1 egg). It didn't turn out well - just thought I'd let you know.