Monday, February 11, 2008

Dinner at Rice

On Friday night, I had an excellent meal at Rice, a Thai-Asian restaurant in the thriving, happenin' 14th Street district of Washington. I had pork dumplings as a starter, then followed them with an entree of spicy duck.

My dining companion started with a pumpkin empanada that was simply above average, but his entree of pork with a mild ginger sauce was superb. We had a bottle of a Grenache blend from Spain — a reasonable $27.

Food at Rice tends to be fairly spicy as Thai-centered food generally is so if you have no tolerance for spicy food, your menu options are somewhat limited.

It's a nice space physically (exposed brick on one side of the dining area), but it can get pretty the noisy at times. Some fabric on the other wall might help to lower the dining clatter.

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