Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Risk of Ordering Pie "A La Mode"

Just left Madison, Wisc., on Friday and returned home to Washington, D.C. Before I left the state, I capped off a successful trip with a piece of strawberry-rhubarb pie Thursday night at the Hubbard Avenue Diner in Middleton, a bedroom community just west of the city.

The diner is well known for its pies. Indeed, most of them are quite good, but someone needs to tell the owners of Hubbard Avenue Diner: a good piece of pie is suddenly rendered mediocre if its topped with a scoop of bland vanilla ice cream.

Being based in "America's Dairyland," this diner should be able to find a much better quality of ice cream than this — something that actually tastes as though a vanilla bean played a role in its creation.

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