Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl XLII was about as good a game as I have ever watched. Our friend Brian hosted a Super Bowl party last night. The food ranged from the standards (meatballs, nachos and guacamole, etc.) to lighter and healthier choices, such as edamame.

I was thinking of beer as I entered the party, but I ended up drinking red wine — as a matter of fact, a very nice Tempranillo.

In case you're wondering, that photo above is not from Brian's party. It's an amusing image that I found at the website eHow.


Jessica said...

I saw your comment re: your masthead not loading properly after a post - I am experiencing the same issue (and the "group" didn't seem to comment on yours). I am curious if you fixed this and, if so, how.

Your input is appreciated - jessicaprince at hotmail dot com (blog is

Food Dude said...

Sorry, Jessica -- can't help you. I never got a response so I just uploaded a new masthead.

I guess Blogger's worth every cent we pay for it. :-)