Friday, February 8, 2008

Fight Lightning With Lightning

Or white lightning, to be more precise. Excerpts from a CNN article on Thursday about the recent tornadoes in Tennessee:
LAFAYETTE, Tennessee (CNN) — James Kruger was watching election results Tuesday night in Lafayette, Tennessee, when a warning appeared on his TV screen: A tornado was headed straight toward his town. Then the lights went out.

He put on sweat pants, grabbed a flashlight, drank a shot of whiskey, "and then I heard this noise," Kruger said Thursday.

He headed for a door, "and all of a sudden I heard the glass breaking and it was sucking," he said. "When I tried to shut the door, [it] seemed like the door was lifting up. So I just dove and I lay flat on the floor."

Lying there, everything in the house flew over him, scraping and banging his back, Kruger said. Then the chaos stopped. "I was laying in the dirt. There was no floor. No nothing."
No word yet on whether Kruger's bottle of whiskey survived the tornado, but I'll try to keep you posted.

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