Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bad Cookie Marriages

Some people just can't leave well enough alone. Oatmeal cookies are wonderful. So are chocolate chip cookies. But someone came along many years ago and decided to marry the two cookies. Presto: oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies.

Oatmeal-chocolate chip cookies aren't bad, but they aren't nearly as good as each of those cookies by themselves.

And I've encountered other cookie combos that make no sense to me. I bit into a cookie on a tray at my workplace the other day, thinking it was an oatmeal cookie. No such luck. It was an oatmeal-peanut butter cookie. Ugh. Boy, was that terrible.

I love homemade butterscotch icebox cookies, but now I see that someone has created an oatmeal-combo recipe for them.

Do you like molasses cookies? They happen to be my favorite. But even they're being tampered with. Someone has created a recipe for peanut butter-molasses cookies. That sounds positively revolting.

There's even a banana-oatmeal-chocolate chip recipe lurking out there. Are they kidding me?

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