Friday, March 19, 2010

If You Want Art, Go Buy a Canvas

That's my reaction after reading this review of a New York City restaurant called WD-50. I've never eaten there, but, based on the review, I would probably hate it.

The review is headlined "Kandinsky in the Kitchen" for good reason. Everything that is presented to diners is supposed to have an edgy, artistic flourish. But does it taste good? I seriously doubt it based on the descriptions.

For example, the opening course "consisted of a single rock shrimp, charred lily bulbs (bitter, rather acrid), some crisped goat cheese, and what the menu called 'pineapple scramble': this was pineapple that had been roughly pureed and mixed with a bit of gelatin ... to attain the precise texture of scrambled eggs."

Um, no thank you.

I wish chef Wylie Dufresne the best of luck, but I will not be contributed to his financial bottom line. I much prefer food over frolic.

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