Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What'll They Do Next With Bacon?

I'm beginning to wonder. Don't get me wrong. I am pretty fond of bacon, but I am nonetheless amused by the fact that there are some human beings who seem to devote a lot of their time to developing new recipes or dishes into which bacon can be added.

Here is an example, courtesy of the website Delish. This site offers examples of 12 quirky foods that have bacon as an ingredient. One of them is a bacon lollipop. Check out item #4: the owners of a bake shop in Boulder, Colo., so loved the taste of the Vosges bacon-chocolate bar that they developed the bacon-maple-chocolate cupcake.

I like each of those flavors, but I'm slightly skeptical as to whether they would make for a marvelous harmony or not. (I like mustard and butterscotch, but I'd never combine the two flavors.) But even I have to admit, it looks tasty.

By the way, Vosges has more than one chocolate treat containing bacon.

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