Friday, March 5, 2010

Vineyard Fantasies

Every now and then, when work life and crowded Metro trains are getting to me, I fantasize about opening a wine bar or owning a vineyard. Not that I have enough money lying around to do either, but, hey, that's why I wrote "fantasize." Anyway, The New York Times published this article about the latter.

For a group of affluent wine lovers, buying a French vineyard is similar to indulging in a yacht or a villa in the south of France.

... "Today, about 90 percent of my vineyard sales in France are to neophytes, including many industrialists who have sold their companies when they are in their 50s and 60s," [said a real estate broker specializing in vineyards].

... [Stephane Paillard] also offers an after-sales service, called Club du Vin, which advises neo-vignerons on everything from designing the wine to creating a personal brand image for the estate.

Since I have a hard time keeping a poinsetta plant alive beyond a week, I'm probably not someone who would shine at grape cultivation. But I sure enjoy drinking the final product.

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