Friday, March 7, 2008

"Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks . . ."

I am a huge baseball fan, and I closely follow my hometown Washington Nationals. But last season the team's food was even less inspired than the team's play. Selections at RFK Stadium were utterly depressing — not much choice, the hot dogs were tasteless, the hamburgers were barely lukewarm, and the concession employees were slow and clueless.

No telling if the service at Nationals Park will be any better, but at least the food choices will be. From today's Washington Post:

There will be cherry trees on Center Field Plaza and cherry pie as well. Plus iconic chili dogs. And sushi.
Hey, if the sushi can be fresh and tasty in Charleston, W.V., then why not at the 'ole ballpark?

When Nationals Park officially opens March 30, fans are in for an entirely different baseball experience, especially once they get hungry.

. . . Among the vendors will be 11 local independent businesses, including Ben's Chili Bowl and Gifford's Ice Cream & Candy.

"Our offerings are going to be hard to rival," Nationals spokeswoman Chartese Burnett said last week . . . "I'm a vegetarian, and to be able to get sushi and veggie burgers at a ballpark? Come on . . ."

. . . Three sprawling club restaurants will encompass more than six times the square footage of the old park's Diamond Club. One will fire pizzas in a wood-burning oven. . . . At Nationals Park, some of Washington's most beloved institutions will be represented.

. . . In the Left Center Field Food Court, Boardwalk Fries, which started in Ocean City in 1980, will be next to Red Hot & Blue, which opened in Arlington in 1988.

Other vendors with a local pedigree are Gifford's, Cantina Marina, Hard Times Cafe, La Piccola Gelateria, Mayorga Coffee, Noah's Pretzels, Kosher Sports and Krazee Ice.

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