Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good Wine, But a Lot of Clatter

On Friday night, I had dinner at Vinoteca, a fairly new wine bar on the edge of Washington, D.C.'s up-and-coming Logan Circle neighborhood.

Generally, the wines were good. The Australian Melange Viognier-blend that I started with lacked finesse and I'd give it a B-, however, the Spanish Tempranillo by Pago was earthy and lovely. My dining partner enjoyed the Tempranillo too. I'd give this red a grade of A-.

I had the duck confit and frisee salad, which was good. I liked the space, although they could have used some fabric on the walls, a false ceiling or something to dull the noise a little. The decibel level can be intense during dinner.

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lacochran said...

Great post. Nothing ruins my dinner more than ear-splitting noise levels. Really messes up the flavor of the food for me. I hope they take your advice.