Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Dishonor Roll of Bland Food

Periodically, I am going to "call out" a food that takes up space at the grocery store or farmer's market without enhancing the taste of a meal in any measurable way.

Today, I am going to add Enoki mushrooms to this Dishonor Roll. And it's not because I'm a mushroom hater. On the contrary, I love mushrooms: brown, cremini, chanterelles, porcini, and so on. They add texture and flavor to so many foods -- soups, entrees, etc. You can practically make a meal from grilled Portobello mushrooms. But I just don't get Enoki mushrooms.

While dining out a few nights ago, a strand of Enokis was atop my pork fillet when it arrived from the kitchen. Why? What's the point?

Since Enoki mushrooms are white, no chef can claim that they add pleasant "color" to a dish. They have utterly no taste. This website asserts that Enoki mushrooms have a "delicate" taste. In other words, it's so delicate, you can't discern a real taste.

A few months ago, I had this to say about the use of parsley in dishes:

. . . frankly, I have never understood all of the fuss some people make over parsley, dried or fresh.

. . . I have tried a number of dishes with fresh parsley, and I think it is the most superfluous herb that has ever wormed its way into a cookbook.

I don't care what the self-proclaimed glitterati of the culinary establishment say -- parsley is a waste of time and money. So are Enokis, and now the Dishonor Roll grows to two.

The Dishonor Roll of Bland Food

2. Enoki mushrooms

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