Monday, March 17, 2008

McDonald's Chases Urban Myths

There are certain questions that no company should ever answer, even if company officials think their answer is satisfactory or reassuring. Merely responding to the question presents consumers with an image that is utterly revolting and helps keep this image alive. In the end, this renders consumers less likely to patronize your business.

Here is a case in point — it's from a recent issue of Harper's magazine. Harper's published excerpts of a question-and-answer section from a website launched in the United Kingdom by McDonald's in order to dispel rumors and myths about its restaurant items:

Q: Are your burgers made from cows' eye sockets?

A: No. All McDonald's hamburgers are made from whole cuts of forequarter and flank (similar to the mince you'd buy in the supermarket).

Q: I heard that your burger meat is taken from the vaginas of cows. Can you confirm that this is not true?

A: McDonald's uses only whole cuts of forequarter and flank.
The preceding two questions were bad enough, but the following question especially leaves me wondering who the hell is running the public relations office of McDonald's in Britain:

Q: I have read in papers that [McDonald's] staff take a poo in the food, watch people eat it, then go and laugh in their faces. Is this true?

A: This is completely unfounded. McDonald's is unsure which papers have been reporting this and would like to see the source if you still have a copy . . . .


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