Monday, March 31, 2008

Those Vitamin-Rich Bottled Waters

Apparently, they aren't so vitamin-rich after all, and several of them contain almost as many calories as a can of soda. From the health page of, here is one of the Top 10 Food Mistakes for people who want to eat healthier:

It's a measure of how health conscious we've become that water is now fortified with nutrients and even medicinal herbs. But when asked for the l'eau down on so-called enhanced water, Prevention advisor Elizabeth Somer, RD, counseled: "Save your money."

Many are bloated with unnecessary calories. The label of one leading brand, for example, reports that it supplies half the daily requirement for some nutrients. But to get that amount, you have to drink the whole bottle, which contains 125 calories.

And for that you get just 6 of the 40-plus essential nutrients provided by most supplements. An entire bottle, notes Somer, supplies no more vitamin C than you'd get from eating two strawberries.

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