Friday, November 14, 2008

A Holiday of Carbs

Crusty dinner rolls. Mashed potatoes. Bread or cornbread stuffing. Corn. Each of these carbohydrate-ridden items adorns most American dinner tables on Thanksgiving Day.

But have low-carb zealots rained on our Thanksgiving parade? That's a question that is explored indirectly in this article by Melissa Clark in the N.Y. Times. Clark writes:

A decade ago, the breadbasket was pushed off my family’s Thanksgiving table. It was banished. Barred. Forbidden from showing its yeasty face.

. . . My father had developed diabetes, and the refined white flour that had made up the backbone of his homemade crusty French baguettes and anadama bread wreaked havoc with his glucose levels.

. . . This year, with my dad’s diabetes under better control, anadama bread seemed due for a revival at Thanksgiving. I volunteered to play bread baker.

In honor of the breadbasket’s triumphal return, I decided to bulk it up. Although one could argue that more carbohydrates are the last things a Thanksgiving meal needs, they’re also in keeping with the holiday’s spirit of excess.

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