Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kudos to Quaker

Kudos to the executives and other employees at Quaker Oats! Let me explain why.

A month or so ago, I sent the company an unsolicated email praising their multigrain chewy granola bars. I saluted them for creating a granola bar that's lower in fat and sugar than most other granola bars, and -- most importantly -- one that tastes great. (I am partial to the cinnamon-brown sugar flavor.)

These granola bars make excellent snacks, especially when I'm heading to the airport during a work-related trip.

Anyway, I had forgotten about sending that email when, a few days ago, a box arrived at home. It was a thank-you note from Quaker's Marketing Dept., along with some free products and coupons. Very classy, and smart.

Hey, Quaker Oats, could you please tutor the execs of GM, Ford and Chrysler? I have a feeling they could learn a lot from how you think and operate.
Now excuse me while I go eat my oatmeal.

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