Friday, November 21, 2008

Where's the Beef?

I have heard that the hamburger was invented in New Haven, Conn., so I was surprised to read this blog post from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Referring to Seymour, Wisc., the blog post explains:

It was there that 15-year-old Charlie Nagreen decided to flatten the meatballs he was hawking at the 1885 Outagamie County Fair and slap them between two pieces of bread to make the meal easy to carry around.

After coining the term "hamburger," he became known as "Hamburger Charlie" and continued to market the meal well into his 80s.

The town of Seymour has a Hamburger Hall of Fame, adding an exclamation point to its reputation. If you ever get lost trying to find the Hamburger Hall of Fame, just ask someone: "Where's the beef?"

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