Sunday, November 16, 2008

Voting Had Its Just Desserts

Over at, I just noticed this blog entry on the New York City page which had been posted on Election Day:

The City Reliquary Museum and Civic Organization will host an Election Party tonight from 7 pm until the choosing of our next President!

. . . tonight they will be hosting an election watch event with, “two separate projectors and will live-broadcast the State-by-State Roll Calls, on both indoor and outdoor screens, courtesy of On the grill we’ve got all American burgers, dogs and veggie dogs at ‘08 Recession prices, as well as Brooklyn beer and soda available for donation. All American Apple Pie will be served with proof of vote cast, and since this is one of the most patriotic of nights, make sure you BYO American Flag!”
You gotta love that -- apple pie served with proof of having voted. So I guess Starbucks' promotion was trumped after all.

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