Friday, November 21, 2008

Two Very Different Yelps

Courtesy of, here are two reviews for the same restaurant in San Diego -- a place called Etna:

First, here is Dinah P.'s sour opinion of Etna:

No, thanks. Shabby location, shabby service. Waiters and waitresses don't look like they want to be there, and make you wait forever. The food is not good, very bland tastes, and is pretty pricey for quality of service and food. Overall, this place deserves negative stars! It's gross, the end.

But Kailey I. gives Etna 4 stars and lavishes praise on it:

My Favorite Italian Resturant for Pastas! We love Etnas and our waiter Henry made the experience enjoyable and even took his time to sit down and chit chat with us. The plate is huge enough to bring home for the next day. I can only say I love everything I tried here so far and the Garlic Toast is to die for!
It's fascinating how differently people can look at the same eatery. I guess if we loved the same restaurants, it would be awful time to find a seat, eh?

(P.S. - I must say that I find Kailey I.'s review annoying. Is it something to praise when a waiter takes "his time to sit down and chit chat with us"? I don't go to a restaurant to make new friends; I go there to eat and hang out with current friends.)

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