Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Coke Tax for Health Care Reform?

As the health care reform debate rages on, Kate Schwartz at wonders if a potential funding source might be part of the solution. She writes:
In the L.A. Times yesterday, Melissa Healy floated the idea that yep, it may be time for tough love -- in the form of a much-debated tax on "sinful-food" items.

She cites a recent poll that has 53% of Americans favoring a tax on sugary beverages to help pay for health care reform -- and, of those opposed, 63% changed their mind if doing so "would help tackle the problems that stem from being overweight."

We're going to end up paying more either way, so bring on the $4 liters of Coca-Cola. Let's hope they push half the people to drink tap water and pay for the dogged sugar addiction of the other half.

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