Friday, July 24, 2009

The NYC Doughnut War

The doughnut war has been launched in New York City. Canadian doughnut chain Tim Hortons has opened several outlets in the Big Apple, taking on Dunkin' Donuts.

According to an impromptu blind-taste test conducted by the N.Y. Daily News, Tim Hortons was the winner.

I love doughnuts that are created from scratch and cooked at the same place. But it's hard for me to get excited about a place like Tim Hortons. Whether it's better or worse than Dunkin' Donuts isn't the point. The real issue is why so many people are willing to settle for bland, mass-produced doughnuts whose dough was formed days or weeks earlier and then shipped many, many miles.

It's amazing that Tim Hortons has the nerve to use the tagline "Always Fresh." How the hell do they define fresh?

There are still a handful of places around the country that make homemade doughnuts whose taste absolutely puts Hortons or Dunkin' to shame. America, what happened to your taste buds?

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