Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pepperoni Tweets

Pizza Hut is one of many companies entering the Twitter landscape. This article from MSNBC notes that there is a "new crop of employees" who are sending tweets about their employers' food products:
"I try to get in at least 10 posts a day," says Alexa Robinson, 22, who started work as Pizza Hut's first official "twintern" in June.

Robinson spends much of the day on the free microblogging service Twitter sending out messages about special promotions, responding to customer complaints, and trolling Twitter for mentions of Pizza Hut.

Because her posts are not monitored by superiors, she has license to tweet freely in real time. Some of her tweets sound like straight sales pitches: "Have you heard about our new Tuscani Pasta Pairs?" . . .

. . . pizza is one of her favorite foods. As evidenced by her first tweet -- "Luv my new job!" -- Robinson is enthusiastic.

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