Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Marriage Made in Heaven

With my new job, I am able to work a day or two at home each week. This fact has altered my lunchtime eating habits in several ways. For example, I have rediscovered my love for the peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I stumbled on this post by Ed Levine at Serious Eats. I totally agree with his observations:
The peanut butter and jelly sandwich easily deserves a place in the Perfect Food Pantheon . . .

Rye and pumpernickel are not good delivery vehicles for PBJ. We stuck to Pepperidge Farm for our taste test, although some people might argue that it's too strong to stand up to the heaviness of peanut butter and the goopiness of the jam.
It's a great article. You've got to appreciate anyone who will invent a noun called "goopiness." (There's really no better word.)

Speaking of goopy jam, I prefer raspberry (seedless, if I can find it). Grape jam is just a little too pedestrian, and its fruit flavor takes a back seat to the sugary taste. But I frown on getting too experimental in the area of jams for PBJ.

I love orange marmalade on toast or biscuits, but for PBJ? No way. That's a sacrilege.