Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Doughy Debate

Even in New York, a city where pizza has long held a special place in the citizenry's heart, it appears that a lot of savvy chefs and foodies are rethinking and refining pizza.

According to the N.Y. Times' Frank Bruni, the debates are over the benefits of a coal-burning oven versus those of a wood-burning oven. Or maybe a debate over the best flour to use for a pizza. And there are always those who will argue . . . er, um . . . discuss the best kind of mozzarella cheese to use?

In any case, Bruni's article is worth a read. Fair warning: you may start drooling before you're through reading it.

I firmly believe that Grimaldi's, a great pizza joint in Brooklyn, is still one of the best cheap eats you can find in any borough. Incidentally, Grimaldi's uses a coal oven to cook its pizzas.

Bruni's article makes me eager to try a pizzeria called Lucali, which is also located in Brooklyn.

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